藤村ちゅうら 藤村ちゅうら 藤村ちゅうら

On Writing and Carving seals

Touching the spirit of the words
which carry me forward
and encourage me
this is real, this is happiness.

Carving seals as if writing
Writing as if carving seals

書の作品 書の作品

Just thoughts just as I feel, freely, lightly
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陶印の作品 陶印の作品

The words form an image.
I play with the clay
and mold each seal by hand one at a time
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石印の作品 石印の作品

I carve flowers, plants, animals and all things…
in the changing seasons.
…Ornaments for customs
and the Chinese Zodiac in everyday life.
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書と印刻の教室案内 書と印刻の教室案内

Regular courses and one day workshops.
‘Sho for enjoyment in everyday life’
‘Enjoyable Seal Garving’
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Fujimura Chura began practicing Sho as a young child and in 1987 she entered Taizan Shodo In school where she learned the seal script and varied scripts of the Chinese old masters.
She aims for deep expression in her artwork,
by writing Sho and seal carving
from the depth of her heart with freedom.