Fujimura Chura

Lives in Osaka.
After graduating from the English and American Literature Department at University,
Chura studied a design course through a distance learning program at an Arts University.
She subsequently went on to work as a designer at an apparel manufacturer.
After leaving the company,she became a freelance Sho artist and Seal carver.
Chura studied Japanese Sho when she was a young child.
In 1987 she entered Taizan Shodo In School
and studied Chinese Sho (including seal carving ).
At present she does not belong to any organization.
She aims for deep expression in her artwork,
by writing Sho and seal carving from the depth of her heart with freedom.
She regularly exhibits her Sho and seals,she takes on commissions,
she also does sign writing and other related calligraphic work.
Regular and occasional Sho and seal carving classes :
workshop (for Japanese and international participants )
Sho Perfomances at live music concerts
and Various activities collaborating with artists of other genres.

| Solo exhibitions |
She has held solo exhibitions in Hanshin Department Store Art Gallery,
in Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka, Tokushima, Nagoya and in prefectures throughout Japan.